Divine Intervention

by Amber on August 31, 2010

One of the things I love about Jamye is her unbridled enthusiasm. It’s contagious (and fun). And I’m VERY excited that it got channeled in the direction of making the awesomest cocktail garnishs in the world!

But I must admit, I’ve had my misgivings about her intended forays into pulled sugar and the like. I’ve known Jamye for a very long time. And I can tell you right now—she’s clumsy. A bit odd, given how very athletic she is. But it’s true. Back in college, I witnessed her walk into a parking meter, fall off a wall (fortunately it was only waist-height)…and I lost count of how many times she ran into a doorway or a piece of furniture.

Not only that, but she can be a bit absent-minded sometimes. Also odd, given that she’s so on top of details when it comes to work. But again, it’s true. She locked herself out of her dorm room a minimum of once a week. And she managed to lock her keys in her mailbox several times—to the point where she developed a relationship with the mailroom staff.

When these two anti-superpowers of Jamye’s combine…well, it’s dumbfounding, really. I once watched her spontaneously upturn her cup of soda onto the ground while engrossed in a conversation with me. Completely unaware of what she was doing. It’s like her body moves on its own, without her brain’s knowledge of it.

Obviously, these traits—combined with extremely high heat, blowtorches, and warning labels—indicate a single, inevitable outcome: DISASTER.

Mind you, she’s developed a very high pain tolerance from running into things and injuring herself throughout her life. But still. Seems like a questionable idea, at best. I could envision the burns, scars, and 911 calls that would ensue.

That’s where Providence stepped in, to avert the impending crisis. And it came in the form of a Groupon.

Apparently, there’s a store here in NYC that does pulled-sugar candies. And they even take custom orders! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised (I mean, this IS New York), but the timing of the Groupon was too perfect to be coincidence. A mere couple of weeks ago, I would’ve passed by the offer without even looking twice. But as soon as I saw it, I thought “custom pulled sugar candies! Omg! That’s EXACTLY what we’ve been needing!” And they even allowed each person to purchase up to 3 groupons, which could be combined in one order. Triple perfect!

Needless to say, within 10 minutes we became the proud owners of 6 groupons for discounted pulled-sugar custom candies. I think this is a sign. God him/her/itself wants us to make the best morbid cocktail garnishes on the planet!!

And all without a stitch of bodily harm to Jamye.

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Kristin August 31, 2010 at 7:38 pm

I just heard of Groupon on NPR, this week! If they can save Jayme from grievous bodily harm, I’m for it. Show photos of the pulled sugar.


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