Experiment No.3

by Amber on August 24, 2010

“Creativity is making mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”       –Scott Adams

Floating bitters on the top has been unsuccessful so far, so I decided to adjust my concept accordingly: I’ll put the bitters on the bottom. They seem to want to go there, anyway. Instead of attempting to make a seascape with floating blood, I’ll make a Mississippi Swamp–mud at the bottom, yellow/green water on top.

Suggested Garnish: alligators, humans, trees

This time I ensured that I had my camera at the ready to capture my results.

The Experiment:

  1. Coated the bottom of the glass in Agnostura bitters.
  2. Covered bitters with crushed ice to create a barrier to prevent unwanted blending. Also used a macha/green tea blend, with hopes of increased green coloring.
  3. Poured vodka/green tea/GT liqueur blend on top. (Stirred this time, instead of shaken.)

Results: Positive

Appearance: Layering was a success! It’s been at least 10minutes since inception, and the colors are still mostly segregated. Not sure if this is a result of 100% crushed ice, or the relative density of the fluids. Will do another rendition with regular ice cubes to isolate the cause. This could have a dramatic impact on garnish.

Flavor: Starts strongly of green tea, but of course becomes increasingly bitter as you progress toward the bottom.

I’m not sure this is a great-tasting drink yet, so I’ll try a few more variations to get the best taste possible.

Aesthetically, though, I think it’s ready to move on to the Garnish phase.

Experiment No3

Mississippi Swamp. In need of garnish.

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Jamye August 26, 2010 at 8:38 pm

Time to figure out how to make a mold of an alligator. And how I’m going to paint it. Hmmm….


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