Migration Blues

by Jamye on August 17, 2010

At only six posts in, we decided to move from Blogspot to Word Press. In the long run, Word Press provides more options for controlling the look and feel of our site. There are more little bells and whistles that we can add as we go. We have great delusions of grandeur. We’re pretty sure this site is going to catch on and we’re going to quit our day jobs to write cocktail recipe books, plan Morbid Cocktail parties, create specialty decorations, maybe even open our own bar!

Yeah… we’ve got it all planned out…

The migration didn’t happen as smoothly as we would have liked. Amber had moved all of her blogs over. I only had 2 entries posted so it shouldn’t have been too hard.

At 9:30am on a Sunday, sitting in The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Lincoln Blvd in Marina Del Rey with my headphones on jamming to a play list on Groove Shark, I should have been having a perfect morning.

Instead I nearly picked up my laptop and threw it out the window. I was having a total Katie Ka-Boom moment.

My very first blog entry has a few pictures in it. Shouldn’t really be a problem to copy and paste my entry from Blogspot to Word Press and re-upload 5 to 6 pictures. Except that it was a problem. It kept making every photo the one with the headless Barbie holding 2 heads.

(This one…)

Every. Freaking. Photo. No matter what I selected came up as that. I fought with the program for 45 minutes before I could get a new photo inserted.

Poor Amber was at work receiving texts to the tune of “I am going to MURDER Word Press in its sleep!” or “Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does this hate me?!?!?!?!?”

I finally got it worked out somehow. Not sure what I did, because for 45 minutes I just kept hitting the same set of keystrokes. I guess Word Press realized that I am stubborn and would eventually make these photos work or tell Amber that we’re not leaving Blogspot. I thought at that point the hard work was over when I got a text from Amber saying “New problem. Look at the order of the layouts.”

Word Press, instead of posting in chronological order was posting by Author and then by date. So all of Amber’s blogs were listed in chronological order, then all of my posts in chronological order. We both messed around looking at all of the settings options, making sure we had date stamped them in the correct order, seeing if we had a weird option selected.




We were a-okay with our settings.

Luckily I work on the web and one of my good friends is a great web developer. He was chatting with me on IM through this process and finally I got frustrated enough to ask Brandon to have a look and let me know if he thought Amber and I were completely web ignorant. I felt bad. It was a Sunday. I’m sure the last thing Brandon would have been excited about was fixing my blog. But he said it shouldn’t take him long to find the problem.

Another hour and a half later, we were up an running properly. No, it didn’t take him that long to fix the problem. The issue might have taken him 5 minutes. The other 85 minutes can be attributed to the fact that we didn’t give him the correct log in to our FTP for him to adjust some code. I swear we’re our own worst enemies.

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