The Aftermath

by Jamye on August 8, 2010

The negative sides of feeding our newest hair brained scheme are already surfacing. My credit card got shut down. I got 5 emails and 3 phones calls from my bank all alerting me to unusual purchases being made on my account.

Apparently spending $88 on silicon, $100 on THE premiere book on pulling sugar (I canceled the cheaper one), purchasing a propane torch, blood pressure cuff and rubber gloves is deemed “out of the ordinary” and need verification that I did indeed buy these things. I wonder how many items like that I need to purchase over the course of a week to get an FBI watch on my activity. Do I get elevated to a high security threat the faster I purchase them? Like… if I purchase all those items plus some fertilizer and gasoline all within 6 hours am I considered a higher level of threat than if I take 4 days to buy it all? And how many items do I need to buy for them to start watching my activity?

And the best part is that I have not yet moved into my apartment here is Los Angeles. All of my mail goes to the office. I’d love to know what the people in the mail room think of me.

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