The Obsession Continues

by Jamye on July 27, 2010

As Amber and I explore further into the concept, I realize that her description of this undertaking is highly accurate. This is indeed an Obsession. (Can I cue some Human League?)

In less than 24 hours Amber and I exchanged 65 emails. They went a little something like this:

A: “OMG. A funny thing happened at the store and I HAD to tell you.”

J: “Gummy Sharks! Decapitated Barbie heads!”

A: “I can layer different liquors.”

J: “Blog!”

A: “First post done.”

In less than 24 hours we discussed everything from ingredients to names to legal disclaimers on drinking responsibly and choking hazards.

Amber’s emails to me read somewhat like the journal entries of a mad scientist. “Color mixing did not have desired effect. Upon next attempt adjust crushed to cubed iced ratio to further slow the rate of blending. Look for increased gradient.”

In the meantime, I’m like a hyper active ferret. Sending her text messages at 3am saying “I have another brilliant name for a drink! You just need to make it!”

So far I have researched ways to make my own molds for crafting any sort of accouterments we may need. Did you know FDA approved food grade silicon is $22 a pound?

I just purchased 4 pounds of silicon.

I know that I am going to be picking up a lot of used and disgusting toys. No one wants a dirty plastic… Thing floating in their drink. I was perplexed as to how to thoroughly sterilize them. Boiling alone didn’t seem very hygienic. If I bleached them a whole host of issues would arise. Toy discoloration. Affecting the taste of Amber’s masterpieces. Not to mention possibly poisoning our guests. Amber, jokingly said “What about those UV sterilization things that they use at nail salons.”

$84 later on ebay and the sterilization unit was on its way.

I also decided that I should try jumping into making pulled sugar. So I got a book. And I realize that I’m going to need the following supplies to get started:

  1. A Professional Candy Thermometer.
  2. A stainless steel pot or copper pot.
  3. A marble slab or silpat, or cookie sheet.
  4. A heat lamp 250 watts
  5. A warming box (I don’t even know what this is.)
  6. A metal spatula or metal dough cutter.
  7. A hair dryer with a warm and cool setting
  8. Rubber gloves. (Caution: Creating pulled-sugar pieces normally results in getting burned. A lot.)
  9. A rubber bulb pump or air pump. (Pros suggest using a bulb pump from an old blood pressure cuff. ‘Cause, yaknow… we all just have blood pressure cuffs lying around.)
  10. A metal or wooden tube. Make sure it will fit into the end the rubber hose on your pump.
  11. A pastry brush dedicated solely for sugar work!
  12. Some source of flame for glueing. Small torch or alcohol burner should work.
  13. A pair of heavy scissors.

I hope my new roommate is fine with a kitchen stocked by Home Depot and a garage full of disgusting toys. And I hope I’m prepared to go on dates with blisters from sugar burns all over me. That’s going to be awkward to explain…

I see you

Remember: Barbie's watching. She's always watching.

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