Making The Graphics

by Jamye on July 23, 2010

Excited about riffing my very own drink recipes and not really censoring myself (because it’s not something I’m good at). But sad that I am currently sleeping on an air mattress in Los Angeles at a friends house with all but 2 bags of clothes in a storage unit in El Segundo hence prohibiting from concocting drinks of my own, I decided I would contribute by making some graphics to decorate our page.

I searched for things like gummy sharks, bad ice cube trays, anything that I could add to a martini or margarita glass that appropriately expresses the fun and horror we’re going for.

What I found is that Barbie has caused a lot of people to need therapy. Here are just a few gems I acquired in my search:

I don’t know what kind of weird Hentai inspired art this is.

Two-headed Barbie demon

Barbie Installation Art

Is this some sort of art therapy for people in prison for mass murder?


Ed Gein Collection

This just looks like a bad lab experiment.

I see you

Plastic Surgery Gone Awry Earrings

Nothing says “I Love You” like a wrist load of plastic asses.

Got ass?

Barbie Butt Bracelet

All participants in the Susan G. Komen Run/Walk for Breast Cancer will receive this lovely necklace. Five pairs of Barbie boobs set in sterling silver making a lovely star in the middle.

Boobies make stars

Barbie Boobie Necklace

I’m gonna have fun making pics for this blog. Mwuhuhuhahahahahaha!!!!

(All jewelry made by someone I found on the internet – Margaux Lange)

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