The beginning of an Obsession…

by Amber on July 22, 2010

It all began with the ice cubes.

A while back, I found some fun ice cube trays at IKEA. Well, there were some that were long and skinny (cool, but not fun), and then there were the little fishy ice cubes.


Now, just a week ago I was at Target with my boyfriend, and guess what I found. Shark ice cube trays! Well, Shark fins, specifically–no actual shark body.

This, of course, inspired all kinds of new cocktail ideas:

  • Bombay Sapphire (blue) with a float of grenadine on the top, and shark & fishy ice cubes inside.
  • Blue/Clear liquor (could be Sapphire again, or clear gin/vodka would work) with dashes of red bitters on top. (And of course more fishies & sharks)
  • hell, we could even layer Sapphire, something green (I dunno, sour apple pucker?), with bitters or grenadine…and yet more fishies & sharks throughout.


I think my bf was both amused and half rolling his eyes at me as I went on and on with all the potentials. He finally recommended that perhaps I should use a disembodied Barbie Leg to stir the drink. I probably would’ve kept going on with ideas for hours, but it was clear I wasn’t in quite the right company to fully appreciate my creativity.

So I emailed my favorite co-conspirator of anything morbid and eccentric…my friend Jamye!

As expected, she replied to my email with a barrage of her own spin off ideas. (Gummy sharks and decapitated Barbie heads, anyone? Morbid Bloody Mary variants?)… and she suggested that when I come out to visit her in LA, I should come early in the week so we could work on recipes, and then host a Morbid Cocktail Party.

Needless to say, after a few hours of back-and-forth email escalation, a blog was born.

So welcome to our little blog. Where we allow our morbid creativity to continue unhampered, for all the world to see.

We hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much as we do.

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